Generate sales in
digital channels

Talk to sales
  • The store is integrated into the brand's marketing and CRM strategies.
  • View the sales rep ranking for a specific store based on various KPIs.
  • Make the sales rep digital, automate messages, and increase sales.


Manage your salespeople and goals with a complete view of store performance.
  • Performance indicators by store and sales rep
  • Ranking of sales reps by different KPIs
  • Management of salespeople's goals
  • Campaign performance indicators
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Track each sales rep's performance metrics, including contacts made, revenue attributed, conversion, and impact on physical stores and e-commerce.

View a ranking of sales reps based on sales, conversations, conversion rate, and other metrics, by store or region.

Create and manage app usage goals or sales targets, as well as award points, with a gamified system that encourages your sales team to be proactive.

Understand which campaigns produce the best results. Track each one's performance, including sales, assigned revenue, contacts made, and much more.

The store at the heart
of omnichannel

Omnichannel performance KPIs, which allow you to track the role of the store across the entire brand.
  • Store-to-store analysis of the customer base
  • Store-to-store media attribution
  • NPS store-to-store analysis
  • Analytical view of personas and clusters by store
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Analyze customer profiles by store or region to get to know your brand's audience in depth. Understand your customers for a truly customer-centric strategy.

Recognize the role of online media in increasing sales and customer traffic to stores. Determine how much revenue the media brought to each sales channel based on the attribution model used by the brand.

Track customer satisfaction from the beginning and use store filters to take more targeted NPS actions.

Create and manage personas based on consumer interaction and behavior data, allowing for a more in-depth examination of your base or specific stores.

Brands that are empowering
sales reps as part of the
omnichannel transformation.

Marcas que estão empoderando vendedores na transformação omnichannel.

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